Small Hands in the Big World

Family Trips

We try to make every family trip a fun, educational experience. Little did we know that our children would be teaching us so many lessons along the way. Having our children along adds a depth of meaning to every journey and helps us see things with fresh eyes.

Searching for family friendly hotels and restaurants is challenging. Most of the recommended accommodations are all about affordability and amenities but lack personality. Restaurants are often praised for having a kids’ menu but reviews fail to mention the unhealthy typical choices on that menu.

We believe that it is worth planning ahead and saving up for experiences that are genuinely warm and welcoming to families while also being aligned with our family’s values (something I've come to call "Teachable Travel" and have started blogging about here). Please take a look and let me know what you think! We'll be featuring destinations and activites that focus on the following:

·         Appreciation and respect for nature , animals and the great outdoors

·         Healthy eating

·         History and/or some deeper connection to the destination     

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