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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Wisdom of Daddy

As Easter was ending and there was a slight break in the rain, Rob and the kids were outside playing. It was chilly, in the 40s, so Sara supplemented her typical uniform of shorts and boots with a winter coat. William was just wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and pants. Rob was in a sweatshirt but decided to get his fleece jacket because it was so cold. Thinking I’m being helpful (and frankly that he is being clueless about properly caring for our under-dressed child), I suggested he grab a coat for William while he is at it. Without hesitation, his response was, “Then I’ll never get him to come in.” And there, in a snapshot, is the wisdom of Daddy!
So many times when I wonder “what is he thinking?!” it turns out a) there is a method to his madness, b) his way works too, and c) it is often brilliant!
Some examples: I like to explain, he often gives one word commands. (This gets the kids attention and the appropriate response.) I’m all about hugging until the cows come home, he draws the line. (If Sara continues to cry and complain while I’m doing my best to placate her, my approach obviously isn’t working—he’ll remove her from the situation and go spend one on one time with her until she settles down.) I’ll do everything I can to avoid conflict and potential meltdowns, he just goes about the business of our days. (The kids can get frustrated when unexpected events arise but this gives them the opportunity to learn how to recover from being upset and be more flexible in the world.)
Happy sigh… the wisdom of Daddy just makes me love my husband more every day.
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