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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Dog

“Happy” is his name.  We call him “Happy Dog.”  My mom named him after her faithful childhood companion and the name suits this lovely canine boy beautifully too.  Mom also says she named him “to remind people to be happy”...  It’s working.  

You can’t help but smile as he prances along seemingly aware of his cuteness, alert and curious, ready for the next ball to be thrown.

My Mom adopted him about a year ago and he quickly became a beloved family member. He has taught my animal-shy children (don’t know where they got that) to turn their fear into affection and delight toward dogs… (or I should say, at least toward dear Happy Dog).  Happy brings happiness.
Happy dug himself a little hole in the sand to stay cool at the beach
Sara admired his fine digging skills
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