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Monday, December 19, 2011

Advent Adventures: Ice Skating

One forgets how many muscles in it takes to balance oneself on ice skates… that is, until one goes ice skating. Sore ankles aside, the Friday before the holiday break was the perfect day for an ice skating play date at Castle Ice in Renton. A busload of teenagers was leaving just as we laced up our skates then we practically had the whole rink to ourselves. For $21, we rented skates for me and my two kids (ages 5 and 3), and two walkers to help them get around on the ice (unfortunately those are only available to children or I may have rented one too).

William started out run-slipping on the ice, swishing his feet forward and back in short fast strokes but not getting very far. He was frustrated that he couldn’t go fast immediately yet when I tried to suggest he try pushing off with his feet at an angle, he insisted I let him do it the way he wanted to do it. Come to think of it, my own wobbly skating didn’t make me look like a very credible teacher…. smart kid. Eventually he decided the walker must be slowing him down and despite a few slips and falls, he did great on his own.

Sara didn’t want to set foot on the ice last year so I was thrilled when she dove right in this time around. She was cruising with the walker in no time but lost interest after about 40 minutes and decided to experiment with knee-skating, laying on the ice, and finally licking the ice. That’s when I helped her find a cozy spot to sit while the rest of us finished up.

I could tell you my pictures aren’t great because I used my point and shoot, the lighting was bad, and everyone was moving too fast but frankly, I was too busy trying to not massively injure myself to pay much attention to the photos.

Apparently an outstretched tongue helps with balance

Look at her go!

Me and my big kid... too cool to take skating advice from Mom but still willing to take a picture with me

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  1. love the glittery pinecones and paper stars! ummm...where is mine? ha ha ha just kidding. what fun! and i hope your audition for "braveheart: the sequel" went well. i was dying laughing! crazy libby!



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