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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Split Second

Even though it’s early, I wake up happy when I hear the thumpity-thumps of my kids’ feet coming down the hall to hop into bed for snuggles and morning greetings. They’re both wide awake but Sara scrunches her eyes closed and insists “want more leeping” between smiles and “Mammaaaaaaah” sighs. William wiggles away in his earnest attempt to fall back asleep but never does so he quickly switches gears to “Mama, it’s tickle time!” and the fun begins.
Last week our morning love-fest took a turn. William hopped out of bed to say hello to Daddy who was showering after returning from his daily morning run (yes, true early-riser Rob is going to laugh about my “early” comment). Anyhow, after William said hi to Dad, he spun himself around in an uncontrolled twist to return to the bed and ran smack into the edge of our dresser. About a half inch of his eyebrow was split open…clearly not an injury we could fix with a SpongeBob band-aid and a kiss.
Having decided to forego Urgent Care or the Emergency Room (the bleeding stopped quickly, William was calm and had no signs of concussion, and the consulting nurse assured me that it wouldn’t make a difference in treatment to wait a bit), our little man toughed it out and waited a little over an hour for an appointment at our pediatric clinic.
Three stitches, some tears (his and mine), four blown-up latex glove balloons, and five stickers later, we were on our way. I knew he was fine when he started quizzing me about acquiring the appropriate treat for his troubles. Pin It

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