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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nature Craft: Leaf and Pinecone Bat

Don't you love it when evidence of your efforts come back to you in a positive way? My five-year-old son, William, surprised me with the greatest little nature craft the other day. After gathering supplies on a trail walk with Daddy, he came up with this idea completely on his own. When I said “this is SO cool, I think we need to write a blog about it” he practically jumped for joy. So here it is, in the thick of summer even though it is really more of a fall craft... oh well, his excitement is more important than keeping things seasonally specific.

Here are the instructions from William:  First, you go out and look for a pinecone and then find a maple leaf. Use tape to wrap the top middle point of the leaf around the pinecone and secure the tape to the leaf’s stem. Then “write a smile on it” and there is your bat!
And there is my boy! Love him sharper than the sharpest bear claws (as he likes to say).
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  1. so cute Liz!! :) so much fun to be found in the beautiful fall leaves isn't there! thank you so much for stopping by my blog. :) Rebecca


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