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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Magnificent Mint

“Smell dis, smell dis!” is often the first thing Sara says to visitors outside, followed by “you want some spicy flowers?” or “how 'bout we make a bouquet?” We may not have rich soil or a beautifully organized garden plot (at least not yet… never say never) but we do have vigorous garden mint (is there any other kind?), bright and spicy nasturtiums, and enough sweet peas to make a lovely little sweet-smelling bouquet from time to time.

Mint has been our garden hero this summer. Countless leaves have been plucked and sniffed for entertainment yet this hearty herb still thrives. Besides tossing bits into salads, making mint tea, mint soup, and mint sandwiches (made with real sand of course), and attempting to make vegan mint ice cream (more on that if I ever get it right), the kids also like to jazz up drinks they see sitting around with a sprig of mint.

Too bad I never have a mojito sitting around…
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