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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nature Craft: Pounded Flower Bookmarks

I know, all good things must come to an end but it was still sad to watch our glorious sunflowers bow down and face earth-ward after just a couple of days of rain. Propping them up seemed futile… more rain is coming. Sure, I could let them just lay there and decay, becoming food for the slugs, squirrels, and birds along the way (and that time will eventually come) but I’m not ready. We only just started enjoying them!

Time to get creative (and time to say thank you to the lovely and talented Rachelle of TinkerLab where I found this idea). If these vertically-challenged beauties aren’t going to stand up straight and behave themselves then look out sunflowers, we are going to appreciate you some other way… and did you notice the title of this post? Things could get a little rough.
  • Step 1:  Gather supplies (for two children you’ll need 2 sheets of watercolor paper, 2 pieces of waxed paper, a hole puncher, some ribbon, scissors and two rocks).
  • Step 2:  Have your kids find a rock that is bigger than their palm and let them know they’ll be using it as a hammer. Wash that rock… scrub it with a firm brush if your kids choose muddy rocks encrusted in clay as mine did.
  • Step 3:  Gather a colorful mix of flower petals (and a couple leaves if you’d like—Sara insisted her beloved mint not get left out of the fun). Show your kids how to do this gently unless you are looking to punish some unruly sunflowers.
  • Step 4:  Place a layer of mixed petals onto the watercolor paper.
  • Step 5:  Set the waxed paper on top of the flowers.
  • Step 6:  Let your little ones hammer away with their rocks. Encourage them to pound all around the whole paper, not just focus on one spot.
  • Step 7:  When they’re done, remove the waxed paper and flower petals to reveal colorful, interesting shapes left behind from their work!
  • Step 8:   Cut the paper into bookmarks, about 2 inches wide, then punch a hole in the top and loop your ribbon through.
Both kids stayed focused throughout this whole task. Sara's creative addition of mint made a lovely green mark and smelled great in the process.

With any luck you’ll have leftover flower materials for more crafty fun… stay tuned. Pin It

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