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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sara Bear

My bold, playful, fearless but sensitive girl… giggling makes her hiccup, she wears shorts in cold weather and cozy fleece pajamas on hot summer nights, she loves books more than any toy available, she sings in a high little voice while she plays, she can tell a fairly detailed story in one long breath, and she loves to goof around but prefers to only be called a silly name if it is accompanied by her real name, such as “Sara Bear.”

Opting for a preschool close to home this year, we are starting a new two day a week co-op preschool program next week. Today was our kick-off play date where the teachers and all of the kids and moms (and one dad) showed up to get to know each other. Looking so grown up and poised, she quickly befriended two classmates who shared her love of bouncing on the teeter totter, climbing, running around, and zipping down the swirly slide.

Spinning tall tales about why she needed a band-aid on her finger this morning (the real story is that she just plain loves band-aids, especially princess ones)--I think her new friends totally understand

Fast friends
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