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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Five “Oops” and One Big “Oooo La La!”

Ideas and enthusiasm abound in our house, organization… not so much.

A great example of this unfolded when I tried to copy an incredible melted crayon project I saw on another blog (thank you for illustrating it so beautifully, Meg!) Anyhow, the whole effort was a comedy of errors but it turned out well anyhow. Now that’s my kind of project.
  • Step 1:  Secure crayons onto foam core in a somewhat organized fashion. Oops, can’t find my glue gun so tried double stick tape instead. It sort of worked until…
  • Step 2:  Turn warm blow dryer onto crayons. Oops, crayons went flying so I tried securing them better with another piece of tape across the top of the crayons (this is actually a double-oops because I wanted to use plain old scotch tape but couldn’t find that either so double-sided had to do).
  • Step 3:  Turn blow dryer to hottest setting or the wax won’t melt. Focus on the paper-covered portion of the crayon. Another double oops, crayons still shifted all over the place and blowing on the crayon tips made quite a melted crayon splatter.
But here is our happy ending! Even with all of our little blunders, look at the finished product:
Oooo La La!

William calls it "Colors, Colors All Around Us"
The splatter made an interesting display and my sweet boy was thrilled that his art came out looking so explosive. All in all, this is something we’ll definitely try again. Perhaps I’ll be a little more organized next time. Pin It

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