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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Seeking Balance: Extracurricular Activities

I never thought I’d be one of "those parents" who over-schedules the family, however, we have extracurricular activities on 3 of our 5 school days and frankly, it’s feeling like a lot of running around. The problem (if you can call it that) is that my kids are genuinely interested in a lot of different things and they are enjoying these extra activities even when it means schlepping all over town and back.

Although it’s challenging to get everywhere on time, I’m grateful that I never have to nag or talk them into going to any of their schools (Pre-K for Sara; K and K-Enrichment for William), guitar lessons (“lukelele” at home for Sara), or soccer. In fact, my eldest reminisces about a theater camp he loved last summer and he just asked if he could please take swimming lessons again too. Really?! I guess that’s the biggest difference between 5 and 40-ish… a whole lot more energy.

Naturally, I want to nurture my children’s curiosity and support their efforts but finding the right balance is tricky, not to mention finding classes offered in the right time frames. And here I am fretting over this when it’s mostly my 5-year old with these extra classes. What about when my 3-year old is ready for dance, gymnastics, lacrosse, skeet shooting and who knows what else?

For now I guess we’ll just take it one season at a time. Soccer will end soon then we’ll consider Basketball. Music lessons will remain constant but we’ll find time for swimming lessons and skeet shooting (kidding) somewhere in there.  
Yes, a theater camp may be in this young Thespian's future
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