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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decking the Halls

Determined to enjoy all of our Christmas treasures for at least one whole month, we didn’t waste any time decorating our house. Storage boxes were pulled from closets the day after Thanksgiving and our massive tree came down from the attic. Yes, our tree is fake and no, I didn’t ever think we’d have one but have to say that I love not chopping down a tree, fighting with fitting it into the tree stand, making it look straight, keeping it watered, hanging the lights evenly, etc. etc. A fake tree is easy and can be enjoyed for a solid 30+ days with no fire hazard!

Sara and William donned their head lamps and delighted in the adventure of checking out the attic, a section of the house they rarely see. My little lumberjack wanted to carry the tree down from the attic himself but Daddy ended up doing the heavy lifting. It’s unbelievable that no ornaments were broken in the process of emptying the Christmas boxes, the kids were so excited to dig everything out. Ornaments from my childhood (bless my Mom for saving them) and ones that their Daddy made years ago (bless his Mom for saving those), ornaments that the kids have chosen, and personalized ornaments; each one felt uniquely special as we unwrapped them.

Taking advantage of the weather, we hung our outside ornaments and lights too. A couple red-nosed reindeer helped.

Hmmm... "helping?" Time to take this one in for hot cocoa

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