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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am Will, Will I Am

“YUM!!!  YUM!!!  YUM!!!” No, that is not the sound of my children hollering with joy about their Halloween candy (they’re actually very quiet when chocolate is being consumed). Some people shorten the name William to just Will but original Sara decided “Yum” was what she’d call her brother. It began as “E-Yum” but morphed into “Yum” more recently. I was beginning to wonder if she just might decide that’s what she likes to call her big bro but it all changed a couple weeks ago.

I documented to very moments when she made this shift in a first-rate interview with Miss Sara herself. Taping was going beautifully along the edge of Jubilee Farm’s hay maze until my fascinating line of questioning was interrupted by a chicken in my face…  

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  1. Hi!! Sounds like you are having a good time (most of the time ;). Sara was saying William all along; you were just hearing Yum you silly-head mom.

    Love and miss you!!

  2. The only way I could post a comment was as Anonymous, so that's now who I am.
    Love, Jessica Handy


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